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14 May 2007  CP+ v.3.4.1 Released

In this version was added new format's support of Clam AntiVirus configuration file (ver.0.90.2)

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20 March 2007  CP+ v.3.4 Released

In this version were added automatic configuration of servers for Debian Linux, PHP Configuration and Filter Mail modules.

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1 February 2007  CP+ v.3.3 Released

This version contains many MySQL and PostgreSQL Database Servers additions and bug fixes.

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15 December 2006  CP+ v.3.2.1 Released

This version contains some additions and bug fixes.

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15 October 2006  CP+ v.3.2 Released

In this version were added new type of license, Mailman and Plugins modules.

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29 June 2006  CP+ v.3.1.1 Released

This version contains some additions and bug fixes.

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05 June 2006  CP+ v.3.1 Released

In this version were added Syslog-NG and MIME Type Programs modules.

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06 May 2006  CP+ v.3.0.3 Released

In this version fixed reconfiguring of DNS Server and getting a trial license.

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04 May 2006  CP+ v.3.0.2 Released

In this version fixed managing of DNS records, creation of websites on shared IP, getting FTP traffic.

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29 March 2006  CP+ v.3.0.1 Released

This version contains minor additions and bug fixes.

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14 March 2006  CP+ v.3.0 Released

This version contains many major additions, improvements and feature enhancements.

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30 Nov 2005  CP+ v.2.5.5 Released

In this version is fixed a possible security flaw caused by a bug in Perl.

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25 July 2005  CP+ v.2.5.4 Released

Mail Server setup in this version is updated to automatically configure SpamAssasin and Procmail Mail Filters.

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30 June 2005  CP+ v.2.5.2 Released

In this version the unit of measure of information about disk space/bandwidth on FreeVPS servers is megabyte.

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21 June 2005  CP+ v.2.5 Released

This version greatly improves speed of the CP+ UI and adds new module for automatic installation and configuration of the servers.

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22 Apr 2005  CP+ v.2.4.1 Released

This version adds new module for Cyrus SASL configuration and includes some minor additions and corrections.

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19 Apr 2005  CP+ v.2.4 Released

This version adds support for multiple MySQL and PostgreSQL databases per user, as well as vpopmail support.

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24 Mar 2005  CP+ v.2.3 Released

Adds new opportunities in management of websites and SSL certificates.

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07 Mar 2005  CP+ v.2.2.2 Released

This version contains additions which allow to correct operation with quotas of websites on FreeVPS servers.

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25 Feb 2005  CP+ v.2.2 Released

This version contains a lot of additions and improvements and provides protection against brute-force password guessing attacks.

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14 Feb 2005  CP+ v.2.1.1 Released

This version fixes creating of name-based websites.
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10 Feb 2005  CP+ v. Released

This version adds support for FreeBSD 5.3
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04 Feb 2005  CP+ v.2.03 Released

This version contains improvements in operation process with web-sites
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23 Dec 2004  CP+ v.2.02 Released

This version contains various methods to set mail/ftp user name
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24 Nov 2004  CP+ v.2.01 Released

This version adds support for generating reports of network traffic,contains improvements for Linux firewall, MySQL, PostgreSQL and ability to back up/restore CP+ config files.
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03 Nov 2004  CP+ v.2.0 Released

This version introduces greatly improved, easy to use, streamlined user interface.
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10 Sep 2004  Trustix™CP+

Trustix launches a complete server solution which includes CP+, a web-based server manager. Installation

18 June 2004  CP+ v.1.2 Released

CP+ 1.2 introduces support for SpamAssasin, ability to back up and restore CP+ via SSH more.

30 Apr 2004  CP+ v.1.1 Released

CP+ 1.1 features a new website/mail/database backup service.   More

30 Apr 2004  CP+ Reseller Program

Positive Software Corporation starts to offer CP+ reseller program.

09 March 2004  CP+ v.1.0 Released

Positive Software is proud to present the first release of CP+, the control panel for dedicated server management.   Installation

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