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  03 Nov 2004  CP+ 2.0    (Upgrade) | (Install)

Interface and Usability Improvements

- Organized CP+ Admin interface into CP+ admin modes:
     1. CP+ Management mode is used to manage admins, websites and their end-users, install licenses and upgrade CP+
     2. System Administration mode displays all CP+ modules organized in categories (instead of 4 tabs used in older CP+)
- Changed domain owner interface:
     1. Ability to create subdomains and ftp-users with fewer steps
     2. Intuitive website management tools: databases, DNS manager, Mail etc
- Introduced three CP+ access levels: admin, domain owner and end user, each having user-friendly and intuitive interface
- CP+ Upgrade is performed with one button click
- Introduced ability to upload licenses of .GZ format in addition to supported PGP format

Improvements for Website Hosting

- Enhanced domain-owner with the ability to create and own multiple domains each with an own website, DNS domain, databases.
- Added support for web bandwidth monitoring with limits for each website.
- Added option to automatically disable a server and to send an email message when the bandwidth limit is exceeded
- Introduced logrotate for periodical rotation of virtual server logs
- Added support for Qmail server in addition to Sendmail and Postfix
- Added possibility to set the Network mask in the Network Interface when creating websites with New IP Address

System Improvements

- Introduced new Sarg Squid access reporting module
- Introduced NFSv4 support for the Disk and Network Filesystems module
- Introduced instant backup for the MySQL and PostgreSQL modules: it can be manual or scheduled
- Enhanced Users and Groups module with the ability to delete multiple users
- Introduced support for MD5 encryption for passwords to avoid the length limit of 8-character effective password
- Improved the BIND module with the ability to create and edit delegation-only zones
- Impoved Unix PAM authentication to detect expired passwords and prompt users to select a new password
- Added an access control restriction for the number of databases to be owned by CP+ user
- Added Header Access Control to the Squid Proxy Server module to limit the HTTP headers passed through for different requests
- Added ability to add multiple time servers in the System Time
- Included support for the optional mod_bandwidth and mod_dav Apache module

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