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  1 February 2007  CP+ 3.3    (Upgrade) | (Install)

  • Global additions and improvements:
    - Added possibility to add Endusers (WEB/FTP users) without enabled FTP setup and configuration;
    - Added support of IPv6 addresses in the Apache Webserver and Extended Internet Services modules;
    - MySQL module improvements:
          - Added support of gzip/bzip2 compression for backups;
          - Added possibility to select character set for new databases;
    - Configure Server module improvements:
          - Added added generating of administrator's password and setting of password authentication mode
            for allowed hosts at the moment of automatic configuration of PostgreSQL Server;
          - Added Mailman enable configuration option to the module configuration;
    - Into the Disk and Network Filesystems module added support of:
          - HFS and FATX filesystems;
          - partitions specified using the UUID notation in /etc/fstab;
    - Into the File Manager module added:
          - access control options for the Info window;
          - possibility to allow extraction of ZIP files on the server;
    - Added checkboxes and buttons for mass deletion in the Cron module
    - Added locking and logging option for all actions to the Postfix module;
    - Added support of Ubuntu Linux (which has not /etc/inittab file) in the Bootup and Shutdown module.
  • Additions and improvements for Domain Owner interface:
    - Extended website's information about domain users;
    - Removed Change domain name icons for domain (website);
    - Possibility to set enduser quota more when max available disk space for domain.
  • Additions and improvements for Enduser interface:
    - Added possibility to change Preferences section for MySQL and PostgreSQL modules;
    - Added direct download option of files from the search results window in the File Manager module
  • Bug fixes:
    In the PostgreSQL Database Server module fixed:
          - work with Granted Privileges;
          - changing of administration login;
          - login in the unix user mode;
    - Fixed restoring of domain (website) with postgresql databases;
    - Fixed DNS Server automatically configuration for Fedora Core 6;
    - Disabled Configure Server icon in the Server Management section for non-supported system;
    - Fixed Mailman module start/restart functions;
    - Fixed information panel error in the Enduser interface for CentOs-3x;
    - Fixed login to MySQL and PostgreSQL in the Enduser interface.

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