Latest CP+ Features

  15 December 2006  CP+ 3.2.1    (Upgrade) | (Install)

  • Additions and improvements:
    - Added Courier-Imap module's interface
    - Changed categories for some modules
    - Added option Deliver to my mailbox for AutoResponder in the Enduser interface
  • Bug fixes:
    - Fixed removing of website (domain) with two and more subdomains
    - Fixed restoring of IP-based website (domain)
    - Fixed adding of FTP users
    - Fixed view of subdomain's quotas
    - Fixed managing of website (domain) with unlimited disk quota
    - Fixed interface error in the info panel of Domain Owner with subdomains
    - Fixed upgrading CP+ from 2.x version
    - Fixed wrong Confmaster start for non-supported systems
    - Fixed Mail Server configuration in the Confmaster module
    - Fixed Mailman mailing lists mangment for websites (domains)
    - Fixed Domain Owners' access to configuration of CPAN module, upgrade and uninstallation of Perl modules
    - Fixed EndUser CP+ confuguration module interface
    - Fixed Cron jobs' listing
    - Fixed execute batch file for managing system users
    - Fixed Enduser's Change Details option
    - Fixed interface error in the Enduser Webmail module

  15 October 2006  CP+ 3.2    (Upgrade) | (Install)

  • New CP+ modules:
    - new type of license;
    - module for PHP plugins (SquirrelMail, phpMyAdmin);
    - module for Mailman;
    - configure Mail Server with Mailman;
    - new feature Mailman;
  • Additions and improvements:
    - add showing quantity of databases in Manage Websites and in Owner interface;
    - fixed upgrading CP+ from 2.x version;
    - fixed saving unlimited disk quota in the Manage Websites;
    - fixed Software module for FreeBSD;
    - fixed Cyrus SASL module interface;
    - fixed editing domain names for domain Owner;
    - fixed VsFTPD templete error in the Manage Websites module;
    - added changing root user password in the MySQL configuration;
    - added upgrade and reconfigure servers in Configure Server module ;
    - added a page in MySQL module for showing database connections;
    - added a page in MySQL module for listing MySQL server variables, with the ability to edit system variables;
    - column headings in the Table Data page in databases modules can be clicked to sort the data by that column;
    - mail aliases have human-readable descriptions associated with them;
    - added some improvements in File Manager module (the ability to extract tar.bz2 files, history button next to the field for entering a directory to show, for quickly navigating to recently entered paths, text fields to the file info window showing the total size, number of sub-files and number of sub-directories in a directory).;

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