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  29 June 2006  CP+ 3.1.1    (Upgrade) | (Install)

  • Additions and bug fixes:
    - Fixed CP+ service name.
    - Fixed limit of databases for subdomain.
    - Fixed view of EndUsers' limit in the left panel of owner's interface.
    - Added possibility to choose directory in Upload and Download module for EndUser.
    - Fixed sending wrong email to ftpuser at the moment of creation of EndUser.
    - Fixed view of databases list in Manage Databases section.
    - Provided access to File Manager module for EndUser.

  05 June 2006  CP+ 3.1    (Upgrade) | (Install)

  • New CP+ modules:
    - Syslog-NG module to configure syslog replacement that is now standard on SuSE Linux;
    - MIME Type Programs module for editing the /etc/mailcap file.
  • Additions and improvements:
    - Added an ACL option to allow a CP+ user to apply the BIND configuration, but not stop or start the BIND DNS server.
    - Added an option on the SSL Encryption page to prevent the use of SSL version 2 into CP+ Configuration and End User Configuration.
    - Added a new page for editing MySQL server settings in the [mysqld] section of the my.cnf file.
    - Added an option on the User SSH Key Setup page for selecting the key type to create. Added support for systems that don't have an SSH server PID file (like OS X).
    - Multiple Cron jobs can be enabled or disabled at once, in a similar way to many can be deleted.
    - Fixed showing group quota warning message on CP+ core when quotas are disabled.
    - Added support for the FreeBSD 5.x rc.d bootup scripts directory.
    - Added the ability to specify extra directives to be added to .htaccess files.
    - Added support for editing the IPv6 host addresses file on Solaris (/etc/inet/ipnodes).
    - Into Squid Analysis Report Generator added a Module Config option to prevent the CP+ header and footer from being added when viewing a SARG report.
    - Added support for the SNMP_Session Perl module for sending SNMP traps, as an alternative to Net::SNMP.
    - Added an access control option into Users and Groups module to prevent the renaming of users.

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