Latest CP+ Features

  30 Nov 2005  CP+ 2.5.5     (Upgrade) | (Install)

Fixed a possible security flaw caused by a bug in Perl.

  25 July 2005  CP+ 2.5.4     (Upgrade) | (Install)

- Added automatic configuration of SpamAssassin and Procmail Mail Filters in Configure Servers module.
- Fixed view of Jakarta-Tomcat Configuration index page.
- Category's Other modules are displayed on System Administration page.
- Fixed output of messages on Samba Windows File Sharing index page.
- Fixed PostgreSQL Database Server module in some configurations.
- Fixed default configuration of SpamAssassin Mail Filter and BIND DNS Server for Trustix OS modules.

  05 July 2005  CP+ 2.5.3     (Upgrade) | (Install)

- Fixed check of Jakarta-Tomcat module configuration.
- Fixed update of Cron Jobs.
- Fixed view of index page in Webalizer module.

  30 June 2005  CP+ 2.5.2     (Upgrade) | (Install)

- Changed view of information about disk space/bandwidth on FreeVPS servers. Now the unit of measure is megabyte.
- To allow EndUser to redefine certain configuration modules' parameters in EndUser CP+ interface, there were changed access rights to CP+ configuration files' directory.
- Fixed CP+ upgrade of configuration files and access rights for users at installing CP+ from rpm package.
- Fixed detecting TrustixOS in the Upgrade CP+ and Upgrade Packages features.

  27 June 2005  CP+ 2.5.1     (Upgrade) | (Install)

- Fixed upgrade of CP+ 2.5 (see NOTE).
- Fixed the problem with rejection of access to Home module in upgrade CP+ 1.x.
- Fixed install of new Perl packages from in Perl Modules.
- Minor fixes in interfaces of CP+ Configuration and End User CP+ Configuration modules.
- Added images for Squid Analysis Report Generator module.
- In Configure Servers module fixed automatic configuration of servers for Red Hat EL-4.x and CentOS-4.x operating systems.

NOTE: upgrade of CP+ 2.5 you have to do manually:
  1. download the last CP+ version from
    ( for example, wget
  2. unpack the downloaded archive: tar -zxf cpplus tarball name.
  3. go into a newly created directory and start the ./ script.

  21 June 2005  CP+ 2.5     (Upgrade) | (Install)

Additions and improvements:
- Greatly improved speed of the CP+ UI.
- Added new module Configure Servers for automatic installation and configuration of Web, Mail, DNS, MySQL, PostgreSQL servers and Quota Tools.
- Selection of mail folder for domain-owner and endusers is added in Webmail.
- Corrected installation of license key.
- End users can be correctly deleted of End Users' List page.
- Fixed support for DNS Management page in Trustix OS.
- Edit of database limits on the Edit Website page is added.
- If ProFTPd setup and configuration feature is disabled, the FTP User's shell check is ignored.
- Fixed check of website's database limits at adding of new database.
- Fixed new version of module Jakarta-Tomcat.
- Change of mail and FTP users' shell on the Change Details page is disabled.

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