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  22 Apr 2005  CP+ 2.4.1     (Upgrade) | (Install)

Additions and improvements:
- Changed the interface of the main page of software module.
- Added detecting of Trustix Secure Linux 3.0.
- Added new Cyrus SASL Configuration module which can be used to edit cyrus-sasl configuration files and to provide ability to start saslauthd authentication and authorization service.
- Fixed a path to the EndUser CP+ Server configuration files in the EndUser CP+ Configuration module.
- Fixed Unix User and Groups module configuration file for Trustix OS. Now new unix-user will be created in the /home/users directory instead of /home.
- Fixed installation of root directory of the server at EndUser CP+ Server start up.

  19 Apr 2005  CP+ 2.4   

Additions and improvements for:
  • Websites:
    - Added support for vpopmail mail system. It supports the creation of all mailboxes and aliases in vpopmail instead of using Unix users.
    - Added opportunity for website to have more than one MySQL or PostgreSQL database which can be managed using the Manage Databases icon on the Edit Website page.
    - Added database limits for domain owners.
  • Web Server:
    - Added support for PHP4 directives in Apache module.
    - Improved editing of ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse directives in the Apache Webserver module to prevent proxying for some path.
  • DNS Server:
    - Added a new display mode for the zones list - an expandable tree categorized by parent domain (additional to Icons and List) in module BIND DNS Server.
  • Mail Server:
    - Added support for new mail system vpopmail in module Read User Mail.
    - In the SpamAssassin Mail Filter is added support for some directives using in SpamAssassin 3.0.
    - Added buttons for reporting a message as spam and adding the sender to the global SpamAssassin blacklist on Webmail page.
  • Databases:
    - Improved support for editing tables in schemas and granting privileges on them in the PostgreSQL Database Server module.
    - Added support for allowed hosts using CIDR netmask format, and IPv6 addresses in the PostgreSQL Database Server module.
  • Filesystems Support:
    - Added to Disk and Network Filesystems module additional access control options to limit filesystems and associate mounts with users.
    - Added an option to set the group SID or RID for new users on the user synchronization page in module Samba Windows File Sharing.
  • Software Support:
    - Added an opportunity to install packages from a directory or local filesystem wildcard into Solaris systems in module Software Packages.
  • System Monitoring:
    - System and Server Status module email messages now include the failed service in the subject line.
    - Added a new monitor type LM Sensor Status for fan speed and CPU temperature parameters.
    - Updated the Bandwidth Monitoring module to support Shorewall, IPFW and IPfilter firewalls.
    - Improved support for remote monitoring for SMART and RAID in the System and Server Status module.
  • System Protection:
    - Added in modules Linux Firewall:
    • an opportunity to delete multiple rules from list;
    • several new access control options for limiting allowed actions and creation and deletion of chains.
    - Added an opportunity to delete multiple rules from list in module BSD Firewall. Now it's possible to specify password for remote backups and restores via SSH, on Linux and BSD systems (Filesystem Backup module).
    - Added Module Config page options for commands to run before and after starting, applying and refreshing Shorewall in the Shorewall Firewall module.
    - Added SHA1 encryption support in Protected Web Directories module.
    - Added support for some new ipsec.conf directives in module IPsec VPN Configuration.
    - A PPTP tunnel can now be configured to activate at boot time.
    - Added an option to show the last login time for users on the Module Config page in Users and Groups.
  • CP+ Features:
    - Added an option to the Authentication page for enabling full PAM conversations at login in the CP+ Configuration.
    - Added a new option for recording the full contents of changed files on the logging page; added an opportunity to download scheduled updates at any time configurable using Cron in module CP+ Configuration.
    - Added an opportunity to download scheduled updates at any time configurable using Cron in module EndUser CP+ Configuration.
    - In module CP+ Actions Log is added an opportunity to roll back all files changed by some action, where the information is available.
    - Fixed ownerships and permissions config files of EndUser CP+.
    - Added an opportunity to back up users and groups in the CP+ Users module using the Backup Configuration Files module.
    - Added detecting of Redhat Linux 4 ES, 4 AS, 4 WS and CentOS 4.
  • Other Services:
    - Added opportunity to select the user who starts CVS server in module CVS Server.
    - Added some access control options to limit what features of an interface can be edited, and to force both boot-time and active interfaces to be edited at once.
    - Improved support for virtual interfaces on FreeBSD, where the interface ordering is inconsistent.
    - Added module configuration options to display the schedule and the current running status for each job on the main page in the Scheduled Cron Jobs module.
  • Added new modules:
    - Added the idmapd daemon module for managing the NFS ID mapping daemon.
    - Added the Kerberos5 Configuration module for managing Kerberos client settings.
    - Added the IPFilter Firewall module for Solaris and other operating systems that use ipf, which can manage an IPfilter firewall.
    - Added the first version of the SMF(Service Management Facility) module for Solaris 10 that use a new feature of the Solaris OS. The feature simplifies management of all system services.

- Fixed texts of messages, comments and helps of modules.
- There are some numerous bugfixes and other small improvements for Websites.

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