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  24 Mar 2005  CP+ 2.3    (Upgrade) | (Install)

Additions and improvements:
- Mechanism to check whether CP+ is installed on FreeVPS changed.
- Added options Shell for Mail Users and Shell for FTP Users to Default Website Options page.
- Shells of all existing End Users change automatically after change of Shell for Mail (FTP) User on Default Website Options page.
- Added possibility to set certificates chain file on page SSL Option for a virtual host in Apache module.
- Added new methods to check whether module is configured or not.
- CP+ Upgrade for Trustix OS works using SWUP (SoftWare UPdater).
- Checking whether SoftWare UPdater is installed is added to SWUP module.
- Checking whether module SSL Apache is installed is improved at Default Website Options.
- Added managing of SSL certificate for requesting a new SSL certificate for website and installing a signed certificate from a CA.
- Now it is possible to add a website that is just an alias for this existing server, so that it can be accessed using a different domain name.

- Corrects recognition of CentOS 3.x.
- Corrects parsing of the file's content in the Configuration Check feature of the Postfix module.
- Corrects creation of End Users.
- Corrects creation of backup copies of websites.
- Corrects installation of CP+ on Trustix OS.

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