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  07 Mar 2005  CP+ 2.2.2    (Upgrade) | (Install)

- Adds the File Locking page which can be used to limit Webmin's .lock file creation to certain directories or disable it altogether.
- Corrects operation with quotas by websevers’ default and create websevers with unlimited quotas.
- Corrects a conclusion of the information about quotas End Usera in End User the interface.
- Some images for Samba Windows File Sharing module were replaced.

  01 Mar 2005  CP+ 2.2.1    

- Fixes website quotas when blocks are used.
- Fixes EndUser CP+ interface.

  25 Feb 2005  CP+ 2.2   

Additions and improvements:

- The ability to specify multiple ports with a range is added to the Bandwidth Monitoring module
- Added the SMART Drive Status module to detect hard disk problems
- Added support for TARing multiple directories and chaining backups in the Filesystem Backup module
- Added the LDAP Users and Groups module to manage users and groups stored in a LDAP database
- Improved Solaris 10 support in the Printer Administration and Software Packages modules
- Support of sending problem reports using SNMP traps is added in the System and Server Status modules
- Support of the process system calls tracing in real time under Linux and Solaris is added in the Running Processes module
- Added pages for viewing and editing secret keys, both RSA and private shared key, in the IPsec VPN Configuration module
- Currently active routes are displayed now in the Network Configuration module
- When viewing table data, the Advanced Search button can be used to perform and/or searches on multiple fields in the PostgreSQL Database Server module
- Added the configuration option to display quota percentages in the Disk Quotas module
- Improved access control to specify, which of the Shorewall tables an user is allowed to edit
- Added the feature to set up transparent proxying in the Squid Proxy Server module
- The page, that shows current EndUser CP+ logins with possibility to cancel these sessions, is added to the EndUser CP+ Configuration module


- Password timeouts are now enabled by default to prevent brute-force password guessing attacks
- Fixed detecting of CP+ public key
- Fetchmail, PPTP-server, PPTP-client, PAP modules correctly detect if they are configured
- Fixed the page of System and Server Status module for editing of monitoring
- Some images for Squid Proxy Server module was replaced

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