CP+ 3.x Documentation Admin Guide

Starting Up With CP+

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The document explains how to start working in CP+ interface right after the installation.

  1. Log In To CP+ As Admin
  2. Install CP+ License
  3. Configure Servers
  4. Starting With CP+ Admin Interface


1. Log In To CP+ As Admin.

When CP+ installation is complete, the setup script would finish its work with the following message:

CP+ has been installed and started successfully.

Use your web browser to go to CP+: http://cpplus_host:10000/

EndUser_CP: http://cpplus_host:20000/

and login with the name < admin > and password for Unix user < root >.

In your browser, log into CP+ at http://cpplus_host:10000/ as admin and with your server root password:


2. Install CP+ License.

You will be asked to install CP+ license. Without it, you won't be able to work with CP+.

Now you have two options:

1) Installing permanent license: Request PSoft to purchase CP+ licenses. PSoft staff will issue licenses for you and sent the license files to the e-mail address you specified.

Save these files locally. Then, in the Upload License File form:

select a license file by clicking the Browse... button and browsing through your local directories for the file:

Then, press Install to install CP+ license from the file.

2) Installing trial license: fill in the form to acquire a temporary license to test CP+ within 30 days, and press Get License.

The trial license file will be sent to you to the address you specified. After you receive it, upload and install the license from the Upload License File form above the Trial License form on this page.

1) Trial license can be given to you only once! You won't be able to get another one after CP+ reinstall!
2) Your license file is by default stored in the /etc/cpplus/hsxp directory. We recommend backing it up - you will require this file when re-installing CP+!


3. Configure Servers.

Here you can choose type of server, which will be installed and configured automatically on your computer.

To download, install and configure the chosen server, press Yes, Install and Configure button.

After you successfully install licenses and servers you will enter CP+ admin interface.


4. Starting With CP+ Admin Interface.

Administrative Modes

Now you are able to work as CP+ admin. On System Information Panel on the left choose one of the CP+ admin interface modes, according to the tasks you need to perform:

  • User Admin: managing CP+ configuration modules, users, domains, mailboxes, CP+ licenses and upgrades.

  • System Admin: Unix system administration via CP+ admin interface: managing services (Apache, Bind, Sendmail, etc.), creating databases, configuring firewall, installing/upgrading packages, etc.

Creating New Administrators

You can also create administrators, i.e., users with the same administrative rights as the default admin user.

Configuring Services

If some services are not correctly configured, CP+ will show up warnings at the top of the window. For example, if Bind is available on the system but not properly configured, it will show up:

In such cases, you need to proceed to the respective CP+ module and re-configure it.

Logging Out

To log out from CP+, click the red button at the upper right corner:

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