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CP+ Installation

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To download and install CP+:

  1. Log in as root:
    su -
  2. Download the latest version of CP+.
  3. untar the archive:
    tar -zxf CPPLUS_ARCHIVE
  4. Log into the CP+ directory:
  5. Now you have three way to install CP+:
    a)execute the installation script:
    CP+ will be installed with the default path: /usr/local/cpplus.
    b)./setup.sh DESTINATION_DIR
    where DESTINATION_DIR is the directory on your server where you want CP+ to be set up.
    c) if you prefer extended setup, run:
    ./setup.sh --verbose /usr/local/cpplus
    At the moment of installation you should enter the path to config files, path to log files, webserver port, login name and password manually.
    If you get an error saying "Failed to get attributes of `/var/cpplus/enduser_cp': No such file or directory", create this directory manually and run the installation command once again.
  6. At the end of the installation, you will be given URLs to enter admin or user interface with a browser. For the admin control panel the login is admin, the password is the server root password.

Important: If something goes wrong and you wish to uninstall CP+, use the uninstall script for correct uninstallation!
Note, however, that if you have already installed the PSoft trial license, you won't be able to get another trial license after reinstall.

Related Docs:   CP+ Upgrade

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