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CP+ Upgrade

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This document explains how to upgrade CP+ 2.x to the latest available version.
See also how to upgrade CP+ from 1.x.

The upgrade can be performed directly from CP+ admin interface:

  1. Log into CP+ as admin.

  2. After you logged in, there are two alternative ways how to reach CP+ upgrade interface:

    • Choose CP+ Management on the system information bar on the left, under the heading CP+ Admin Mode:

      • On the page that appears, click the Upgrade CP+ icon:

    • Choose the System Administration task on the left bar, under CP+ Admin Mode.

      • On the page that appears, click the CP+ Configuration icon in the Server Management menu group.
      • On the Server Management page, click CP+ Upgrade.

    Note: If you are upgrading from CP+ 1.x, in order to proceed to the Upgrade CP+ form, click the Upgrade CP+ icon on the CP+ Configuration page.

  3. You reached the CP+ Upgrade interface:

    Now you have two options:

    • You may download a CP+ package to your local box by clicking the Download latest version on the CP+ home page, and then upgrade CP+ from that package saved locally.
    • Or, you may choose the Latest version from cpplus.psoft.net option in the form and upgrade directly from CP+ site.
  4. Click the Upgrade CP+ button to start upgrading. You will see the upgrade script messages running in the CP+ working area:

    After the upgrade is completed, you will see the updated version under the System Information section at the left menu.

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