CP+ 3.x Documentation

CP+ is no longer available for purchase. For more information contact us.

This documentation covers CP+ version 3.x. See also CP+ 1.x documentation, | CP+ 2.x documentation.


Installation And Maintenance

Documents on how to install, upgrade and secure CP+.


Admin Guide

Documents for CP+ administrators on:
User administration: adding and managing websites (domain owners) and mail/FTP users
Unix system administration: configuring system services, creating databases, etc. through the CP+ administrative interface.


Domain Owner Guide

Documents for domain owners on:
Administrative tasks: configuring domains, creating and managing end users, subdomains, and websites, etc.
User tasks: configuring mail and FTP settings, manage files, etc.


End User Guide

Documents for end users on how to configure mailbox and FTP settings, manage files, etc.
An end user in CP+ can have either mail functionality, or FTP functionality, or both.

See also

CP+ 1.x Docs
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