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is a web-based tool for remote administration of dedicated servers. It can be used to perform basic administrative tasks and create/manage domains through a graphical interface, which makes system administration easy and comfortable. Users don't need to remember a long list of console commands with complex syntax and valid parameter values. All major system management tasks are now presented as icons providing a single entry point from which to perform a task.

offers three levels of access: Admin level to manage servers and add domains; Domain level to manage domain properties; and End-user level to manage mailbox/forward/autoresponder settings.

   Static Demos:     Admin Domain Owner End User

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   Control Panel for Hosting
If you are looking for a control panel for shared hosting, look at H-Sphere.

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18 June 2004

CP+ 1.2 Release

CP+ 1.2 introduces support for SpamAssasin, ability to back up and restore CP+ via SSH and more

30 Apr 2004

CP+ 1.1 Release

CP+ 1.1 features a new website/mail/database backup service. More

30 Apr 2004

CP+ Reseller Program

Positive Software Corporation starts to offer CP+ reseller program. More

09 Mar 2004

CP+ 1.0 Release

Positive Software is proud to present the first release of CP+, the control panel for dedicated server management. Installation

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